Alexa ivy rose Schwab was born in Staten Island where she then moved to New Jersey at 5 years old. She was very behind with education because Marlboro, the town she moved to was more advanced than Staten Island. She turned to her creativity. At a young age she found comfort in interior decorating. She loved to constantly create and keep her mind busy. While her mother always imagined her taking over the family dental business she knew that wasn´t for her. People would constantly look to her for fashion advice and her family would insist she take up fashion as her major in college but to her it was a dime a dozen. After her first year at community college being undecided she quickly put her major to fashion design and plans on attending parsons fall of ´17. She finds happiness in clothes, designs, and creating. Ivy rose was created for culture to speak for the kids and her generation. Her vision is to create something so original and rare. To put thought and love into each shirt that is original and hand painted. It is easy to mass produce and make a quick penny but it is more worth it to her to put her time and energy into something that could never be replicated.

Birth of a New Fashion Line: Ivy Rose
JULY 8, 2016
Coming Soon, Ivy Rose presents her new Graphic clothing line showcasing your favorite Anime, Artist, Cartoons and bands. Hand drawn artwork to display to your friends and family.

Lil Newport Promo